Uncle Clay’s Story of Pure Aloha

About a year after living my childhood dream of owning our neighborhood treat shop, I was struck by a surprising, almost shocking, and disconcerting realization! After working, serving, and interacting with thousands of 'ohana in my "laboratory of life," that realization caught me by surprise. The complete and unexpected revelation I discovered was that the vast majority of the visitors from out of town (including some local folks too!) were not cognizant of the correct, true meaning of the word aloha. Instead, they assumed that its widespread or connotative use of the word aloha was simply a "hello or goodbye" used in the meeting, greeting, and parting between two or more people. 

The core meaning of 'aloha' is simply LOVE...what many genuinely believe our journey of life is all about. Many say that the most significant experience in life is loving and being loved. They go on to say that life is all about relationships. Healthy, happy, and lasting relationships need love! Just as air, water, and shelter are pertinent to endure and thrive, so is love. Without it, the relationship will end in disappointment and not survive the test of time.

I profoundly feel that it is of the utmost importance that we try our best to correct the world's misunderstanding/misconception of what many consider to be the most important, most cherished, and most revered word in our Hawaiian vocabulary and culture! 

I wholeheartedly believe if the world's population widely knew the true meaning of our beloved word, how we, Hawaii, are initially perceived and then received by the world would drastically and significantly change for the better! So, yes, I'm a firm believer that a positive, solid, and accurate first impression are critically vital in getting a relationship started on the right foot and heading in the right direction! 

So, this brings us to how 'Pure Aloha' came to be. I have been asked many times why I felt it was necessary to place the adjective "pure" in front of aloha. What prompted me to add this all-important word before aloha was my hope and intention to make it crystal clear to everyone that there would be no misunderstanding or confusion about the kind of love we were referring to.

I felt compelled to make it perfectly clear that we are not talking about the love of possessions, popularity, fame, power, status, or self. Instead, we are talking about the kind of love that people give and share with one another. Person-to-person love is the only type of love on this planet that truly matters at the end of the day. Without it, our world would self-destruct. 

Adding "pure" to aloha would raise the bar for love shared between people, bringing it to its highest level possible. It exponentially increases the amount and degree of love transferred! Pure Aloha can miraculously transform a half-hearted, selfish, and conditionally loving relationship into a genuine, selfless, and unconditionally loving relationship. Experiencing this metamorphosis will inevitably make all the difference in the world for those who embody Pure Aloha sharing!

People often ask why I have been as passionate, persevering, and committed to this Pure Aloha calling, quest, and vision of mine for as long as I have. The reason is simply that I profoundly believe in the power and the magic of Pure Aloha! How could I not, after personally witnessing the sharing of Pure Aloha bring about the many unbelievable and incredibly amazing happenings and miracles in peoples' lives?!!! I have seen it TRANSFORM and SAVE lives!

And, I do believe with all of my heart and soul that Pure Aloha is what our world needs now to bring about the healing, unity, and hope that it sorely needs at this very moment! Every person we share Pure Aloha with will bring us one step closer to helping us become the one world 'ohana that we are hoping and praying for!

Yup, I am all in.  I will continue giving it my best, one day at a time, for as long as possible. I feel incredibly blessed to have the privilege and the honor to share the real meaning of Aloha with as many people as possible. I dedicate my life to sharing the very best of Aloha by ensuring that it is being presented at its highest degree and in the best way possible through "PURE ALOHA"

It is my unshakable belief that everyone on this planet earth possesses Pure Aloha within them. Many are not aware they have the power. So, I strongly urge those who already enjoy this consciousness to join us in lighting a flame of awareness. With a strongly illuminated Pure Aloha flame, we can bring our one world 'ohana dream to reality sooner than later! :)

TOGETHER WE CAN DO THIS!  PURE ALOHA - today, tomorrow, and forever!!

–Uncle Clay