Your HOPA Journal is now available to purchase in your choice of either a physical or digital format….or both!!

Retail priced at $29.95, the physical journal is discounted to $24.95 for pre-sale early adopters and comes with an expected arrival time between summer and fall of ‘22.

Our digital version, however, will be available in early July, sent electronically, and ready to use immediately upon download. The HOPA Journal digital format is an excellent option so you can be the first to experience the HOPA Journal and start your Pure Aloha journaling journey sooner. A few unique benefits of the digital version include:

  • Experience your new HOPA Journal in a way that is flexible to your lifestyle.
  • Load the digital version on any tablet or device, and easily access it wherever you go.
  • Save your progress on the entries, and you’ll never risk misplacing or losing it.

Your digital format is priced at $19.95 stand-alone, but only $10 when bundled and purchased with a physical copy of the journal. The bundle offers a variety of flexibility - you can get started immediately with your digital version, continue with the physical one once it arrives, or even gift the physical version to a loved one as you continue with your digital journal!

Purchase Your HOPA Journal now

Purchasing both your physical journal along with the digital journal at this early adopter price provides you with an added value of almost $15!

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