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a Pure Aloha journaling experience

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Do you long to create a world that is more loving and inclusive with bountiful connection, joy, and growth for everyone including yourself?

Let us introduce you to a world of Pure Aloha. 

As a caring citizen of the world who also feels a connection to Hawai'i, this journal was formulated just for you. We understand you have a compassionate heart, inquisitive mind, and possess a deep desire to make an impactful change in your community - locally and globally - today and for future generations.

You’re a straight-up heroic student of life, often asking yourself: "How can I discover and live the most beautiful, generous, and enriching life I possibly can - not only for myself but for the world as a whole?"

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There’s a certain type of aliveness you crave.

You possess an emotional awareness of passion, purpose, and wellbeing. You're also keenly aware of your longing to expand your communion with others and our incredible living Earth.
You’re seeking to unite with others through benevolent community but struggle to know where to begin.
Personal and universal growth and connection are all possible with the HOPA Journal.

“What a powerful journaling sequence. As I identified and added each moment to the list, it had an emotionally palpable effect on me.”

—Maureen M.


You're ready for transformation and renewal but aren't clear on how to take tangible steps toward your aspirations.

We know what it’s like to want to:
● Feel a sense of unity with people - at home, work, and play
● Integrate every day with your greatest good
● Live with vibrancy while sharing it with others
● Connect with the beauty and magic of Hawai’i and the spirit of Aloha

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You aspire to reach within for soul-honoring exploration and unite with the outside world but aren’t sure how to take actionable steps.

What if you could learn how to:
● Reconnect and recenter yourself - no matter what life throws at you
● Feel gratitude by observing things you often take for granted
● Open your heart to endless compassion and your mind to limitless possibilities
● Identify deliberate actions that send ripples of goodness into the world 
● Discover what “Pure Aloha” means to you and live it fully
● Stay inspired with others around the globe who are doing the same 

Your new, unique HOPA Journal equips you with the guidance and tools you need to achieve all of these things and incorporate them into your life!

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“Written clearly, concisely, and involves and inspires the user.
Sets the tone really well as the user embarks on their journaling journey.
I was pleasantly surprised with how simple yet effective it was.”

—Katie W.


You’ve got the desire, so are you ready to finally reach your full potential?

No more feeling lost or wondering how to connect. Instead, implement simple steps to create a centered, connection-filled transformation.

Because you know there is “something more” in the grand scheme of things, you can move into the evolution of your best self and tap into the boundless love in your heart and the world. 

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Your HOPA Journal provides powerful components to help you flourish!

Your HOPA Journal includes:
● 30 entry spaces to experience the one-of-a-kind "HOPA" Journaling Method
● Thought-provoking prompts
● Explanations of how to implement your desires
● Trackable habits chart to record and build your journaling habit
● Measurable progress logs
● Celebratory reflection page
● Heartfelt insights on Aloha from beloved mentors from Hawai'i
● Heartwarming, uplifting music playlists to transport you to Hawai'i as you journal

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I’ve never journaled before in my life.  Is this an appropriate starting point? 
A: Whether you’re a newbie or you’ve journaled extensively most of your life, the HOPA Journal is a different experience. We offer a clear, concise, and accessible opportunity for you to engage in the world as you’ve never done before - no matter what level you're starting from.

Q: I’ve already tried every journal on the market. What makes this one different?
A: Our journal began with a vision - one of Pure Aloha, born out of the House of Pure Aloha in Hawai'i, extending across the planet. The single goal was to awaken and spread love. Our heart-centered mentors, beta group, and journal creation experts came together to create a product from the heart. It is our greatest desire and intention to offer affection and growth to every human being on the globe. We believe we have created a product to help you do the same.

Q: I don’t really know anything about Hawai'i.  Is that okay?
A: Absolutely! You don’t have to. We offer you knowledge and insight into our lifestyle. Everyone is always welcome to experience and partake in (and even enhance!) our culture, values, and mindset. And remember, we are all already connected. We are all part of One World 'Ohana (family), no matter where you were born or currently live!

Q: Can it really be as simple as you say it is to feel better?
A: It certainly can be. Journaling offers the opportunity to connect and express yourself at a deeper level. We have created easy yet investigative prompts for you to cull insight. Writing lets us process our thoughts and feelings differently than just thinking does. Ultimately, the tools we provide you with will assist in your personal clarity. Clarity = growth!

Q: How can I continue my journey of HOPA after I complete the journal?
A: We invite you to join our free Facebook group at HOPA Together, where you can be part of our community. We encourage your questions, personal stories, and triumphs. Additionally, we are in the process of creating supplementary journals and resources to aid in your development.

Q: Should I go through the journal on my own or with others?
A: Both. There are times when solitude is necessary and other times when support and community are essential.  Our needs can also differ based on our personality and life situation.  There is no one right way, and you can't fail.  Luckily, there are a couple ways you can enjoy both solitude and community support in your journaling experience:
1) Find a journal buddy–a friend, partner, or spouse–to also complete their own HOPA Journal.
2) Join our online HOPA Together community to share your experiences, challenges, celebrations, encouragement, and, most of all, your HOPA.

Right here, right now is the time to embrace your evolution through the joy of journaling the HOPA Together way.

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